Tattoos and Christians: An Article for Parents and Teens

On September 19, 2010, in Culture & Media, Faith, Uncategorized, by admin

Your favorite rockers have them. That guy at the coffee shop has some. Even the checkout lady at Target has one. It seems like everyone is sporting a tattoo nowadays, from the highest ranks of music royalty to the everyday people you see going to school or buying groceries. The show Miami Ink has taken […]

Miley Cyrus IS Lenny Kravitz!

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We just happen to see Miley Cyrus’ “Party in the USA” video and suddenly realized it is EXACTLY like Lenny Kravitz’ music video for “American Woman.” Here are a few questions that come to mind: 1. Why are these videos exactly the same? 2. Why have Miley Cyrus and Lenny Kravitz never been seen together? […]

Evite FAIL

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Yes, yes I DID mean ticket hous.  That’s exactly what I was searching for as a theme for my son’s second birthday party.  Evite nails it again!