How to Draw Flames (For Cars)

If you’ve watched my “How to Draw Flames” videos (see below) then you probably want to sit down and start practicing.  So go ahead and get some paper and just start but if you want some practice sheets that you can look at, trace or just glue to your bathroom mirror then please download these sheets, print them out and have fun.  Please note that these are old school “traditional” flames- there are lots of different ways to draw flames and there is no right way.  But start with these and let your imagination run wild. Post some pics!

Instructions:  Click to open new page. Download full size image. Print

Video Demos (2 Parts)


5 Replies to “How to Draw Flames (For Cars)”

  1. Best tutorial yet that helps break down such a simple sketch that I have been having problems with getting down. Thank you so much for the video and the practice sheets to help me get the feel. I can’t thank you enough. You make it look so easy!

  2. I’ve been trying to draw flames for weeks to decorate a model airplane’s wing but I just haven’t gotten the knack of it. Your practice sheets are helpful (to reinforce the fact that I have absolutely NO artistic skills ; ) ). Would you please post a sheet similar to the first sheet but draw the back curves in a straight line parallel to the page edge?

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