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Cartoon Coincidence? Plots That Happen In Every Cartoon Series.

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We all have our favorite cartoons; some are current, some we grew up with and others are timeless classics from before we were born.  During our early years of mass television consumption, we were not able, critically speaking, to interpret and deconstruct what was really going on in our favorite shows.  Now however, through education […]

Ten Ways for Churches to Use Video Right Now

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#1. Announcements:

Instead of using a traditional PowerPoint slide show, use a video instead to draw extra attention to a special event. You can play it before and after the service as well as posting it to your church website.

#2. Pastors Video Blog:

One way for pastors to reinforce sermon points or to share other real life experiences to encourage and challenge the congregation is to create a video blog. This could be done weekly, bi-weekly or…

10 Ways to Get Around Maryland’s New Hands-Free Driving Law

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No Texting While Driving… Hands-Free Devices Only… It’s The Law.” This creates a serious problem for many of us who conduct large amounts of business and recreational conversation while driving. We can’t be stopped. We refuse to be cut-off. We are communicators and must find ways around pesky laws like this to keep the streams of communication open and vibrant. Many people have lamented the fact that their commutes will now be insanely dull and that they will probably lose many friendships due to their sudden decline in communication. Well, fear not! Below are 10 ways that you can circumvent the no-texting-while-driving laws and keep your witty tweets and messages coming in full force.

Tattoos and Christians: An Article for Parents and Teens

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Your favorite rockers have them. That guy at the coffee shop has some. Even the checkout lady at Target has one. It seems like everyone is sporting a tattoo nowadays, from the highest ranks of music royalty to the everyday people you see going to school or buying groceries. The show Miami Ink has taken […]

Green Screen: 5 Rules

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If you’re doing green screen video here are the rules to get the best quality:

1. Light the green screen backdrop as evenly and brightly as possible.

2. Put as much distance between you and the green screen behind you as possible.

3. Light yourself well but don’t aim the lights so you get shadows on the greenscreen

4. Don’t wear a green shirt

INSANE DSLR Rig Contraption

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Don’t spend thousands of dollars on an expensive DSRL rig for your new Canon video set up! For a just a couple bucks and using common household materials you can create this INSANELY elegant and practical DSLR rig. Features include:

Choose Civility Spoofs from Howard County, MD

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Ok you’ve all seen those green Choose Civility stickers on various bumpers across Howard County right? Well please enjoy this collection of my spoofs.

3 String Revolution T Shirt

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Hot off the press! Prove your loyalty to the NEW way of playing guitar with 3 strings. If you buy it you will instantly be in a band and become famous.

Charles Darwin’s Origin of Feces

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Charles Darwin’s secret first book, “The Origin of Feces”, set the stage for his later groundbreaking research into the theory of evolution. In “The Origin of Feces” Darwin probes the mysteries of poop and seeks to answer the age-old question of how food evolves into feces. Although far less scholarly and popular, Darwin’s prototype research would inform his now famous theory of evolution and usher in a new era of research and science. See the pic here: