Happy Holidays Vs. Merry Christmas: A Fabricated War

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It starts sometime around Thanksgiving on television or maybe by the checkout lady at the supermarket. “Happy Holidays,” we hear. “Merry Christmas,” someone says. It won’t take long after the first days of well-wishing for the age-old quarrel to start up again. “It’s ‘Merry Christmas’ not ‘Happy Holidays’!” People will begin to argue that we should not say “Happy Holidays” but instead say “Merry Christmas” because it is only out of fear of offending people that we have kicked the “Christ” out of “Christmas” and we should not forget the real reason for the season by adopting the mongrelized “Holiday” salutation in lieu of the Christian one. Well, the unfortunate news this season is that it’s all been a hoax. The whole thing. No one is offended if you say Merry Christmas. Few Christians are actually put out if someone says “Happy Holidays” to them.

Ten Ways for Churches to Use Video Right Now

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#1. Announcements:

Instead of using a traditional PowerPoint slide show, use a video instead to draw extra attention to a special event. You can play it before and after the service as well as posting it to your church website.

#2. Pastors Video Blog:

One way for pastors to reinforce sermon points or to share other real life experiences to encourage and challenge the congregation is to create a video blog. This could be done weekly, bi-weekly or…

Tattoos and Christians: An Article for Parents and Teens

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Your favorite rockers have them. That guy at the coffee shop has some. Even the checkout lady at Target has one. It seems like everyone is sporting a tattoo nowadays, from the highest ranks of music royalty to the everyday people you see going to school or buying groceries. The show Miami Ink has taken […]

Rockstar Presbyterian Drink

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Created this as a spoof of Rockstar Energy Drink. No further explanation needed….

Religious Fragrances and Kim Kardashian

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At the mall the other day and came across a variety of fragrances at the oh-so-chic perfume bar at JCPenny’s and found the most ironic line up of fragrances all in a row. First, the very spiritual “Unconditional Love” followed by “Amazing Grace” and then, right next to it, Kim Kardashian! I was surprised that so many fragrances were spiritually in-tune but even more surprised that Kim Kardashian was deemed to be holy enough to reside next to the illustrious “Amazing Grace.” In that moment of reflection I felt spiritual, foxy and magically fragrant all at the same time. Enjoy the pics: