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How to Become More Creative: 3 Easy (Insane) Steps

On February 9, 2013, in Culture & Media, Funny Pics, by admin

New video!  This one I made late, late, LATE at night and it is a hot ball of crazy town.  This is either really deep and profound or just totally dumb. Let me know in the comments below.  Here’s the video but first, click this link for some actual, usable advice on becoming more creative […]

What is Art? Art is a Fart in the Dark

On May 28, 2012, in Culture & Media, Funny Pics, by admin

I sat down to create a video answering the question, “what is art?”  I did just that. See for yourself.

Depressing Unicorn Art

On March 25, 2012, in Funny Pics, by admin

Be inspired! Share the inspiration!

Best Warning Label Ever

On March 18, 2012, in Funny Pics, by admin

From a Pelican Cases rolling equipment case box… It’s a great warranty apparently, unless you’re a kid under 5 who hangs out with bears and sharks.  

Star Trek Memes Just For You

On March 16, 2012, in Funny Pics, by admin

My favorite movie of all time is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  It’s got everything: time travel, environmentalism, punk rock, the 80s, ironic cussing, you name it.  I couldn’t help but contribute the following just for you.  Please enjoy… (NERD WARNING: They’re not all from The Voyage Home.  Also original images are © Star […]

Ipad Circa 1854

On March 31, 2011, in Culture & Media, Funny Pics, by admin

Here’s a screenshot courtesy of Hallmark’s Love Saga featuring the very first ipad, circa 1854.  Apparently Steve Jobs travelled back in time using only his mind and spiritual power and blessed the humble pioneers with this visionary pre-electronic ipad.  Even here you can see that the ipad brings prosperity, joy and total coolness to all […]

Crowd Goes Wild For YouTube Obama Interview!

On January 25, 2011, in Funny Pics, Humor, Uncategorized, by admin

Actual screen grab from the post-State of the Union streaming Q/A time with members of the White House staff as they take questions from -omg- TWITTER! As you can see the facial expressions ranged from asleep (or dead) to mild smirking and potentially vomiting in the background.

Food Miracles!

On December 22, 2010, in Funny Pics, Humor, Uncategorized, by admin

2 amazing food miracles this month!

First, a random stir fy: My chicken turns into South America with shocking accuracy!

Tweeter targeting the mob for sales

On November 13, 2010, in Funny Pics, Uncategorized, by admin

Audio gear for everyone! The Mafia needs quality electronics just like everyone else.

Lollipop Fail at Staples

On November 11, 2010, in Fail, Funny Pics, Uncategorized, by admin

Maybe Staples should just stick with office supplies and stay out of the difficult world of candy (and spelling). In case you’re not appreciating the humor here- they misspelled “spiral.” Big word. See and download the full gallery on posterous