Mac OS Names That Never Made it to Market

We all know that Mac has carefully chosen the names of their operating systems over the years, what you don’t know is that there’s a whole slew of names that didn’t make the cut and were nixed from coming to market. A top-secret source from Cupertino (who shall not be named) has provided us with this list of Mac OS names that never made it to market.:

  • Glow Worm
  • Sloth (or 3-toed Sloth)
  • Snow Lemur
  • Sea Cucumber
  • Chihuahua
  • Big Dog (or Big Dogg)
  • Slug
  • Cephalopod
  • Ice Lamb

Do you know of any other names that didn’t make it?  Please post below.

Star Trek Memes Just For You

My favorite movie of all time is Star Trek IV: The Voyage Home.  It’s got everything: time travel, environmentalism, punk rock, the 80s, ironic cussing, you name it.  I couldn’t help but contribute the following just for you.  Please enjoy… (NERD WARNING: They’re not all from The Voyage Home.  Also original images are © Star Trek)

Star Trek 4: Spock Hearts Jim

Star Trek: No Salad Bar?



Star Trek Slogan T Shirt

Ipad Circa 1854

Here’s a screenshot courtesy of Hallmark’s Love Saga featuring the very first ipad, circa 1854.  Apparently Steve Jobs travelled back in time using only his mind and spiritual power and blessed the humble pioneers with this visionary pre-electronic ipad.  Even here you can see that the ipad brings prosperity, joy and total coolness to all within it’s shiny reach.  Please enjoy:

Wild West ipad


Crowd Goes Wild For YouTube Obama Interview!

Actual screen grab from the post-State of the Union streaming Q/A time with members of the White House staff as they take questions from -omg- TWITTER!  As you can see the facial expressions ranged from asleep (or dead) to mild smirking and potentially vomiting in the background.

youtube president obama Q and A interview youtube Q and A state of the union

12 Twisted Ideas To Make Voting Much More Fun

1.  When you first check in ask the registration volunteers where the VIP section is.  When they tell you there isn’t one get really angry and shout, “Do you know who I am?!”

2.  Try to get people in line to do the wave with you.

3.  Right before you walk into your booth strike up your best cheerleader pose and shout, “GO TEAM!

4.  Ferociously scratch your stomach and left side of your neck simultaneously every 30 seconds no matter what.

5.  Wheel in a stroller holding a giant family sized metal can of peaches.  Every so often talk baby sounds to it and cover it with a blanket.  If anyone asks what you’re doing just ignore them and whisper to your peaches, “It’s ok baby, they didn’t mean it.”

6.  At the end of your voting time in your little booth suddenly yell out, “I WON, I WON!” and then grab your stuff and rush out of the room, arms flailing.

7.  Show up with no pants.

8.  Show up with all your clothes inside out.

9.  Once you’re in line start nervously looking around and whispering to yourself.  If anyone asks if you’re ok scream at them; “DO I LOOK OK? I LOST ALL MY MUFFINS!”

10.  Go on ebay and purchase all the Jimmy Carter election propaganda you can afford. Show up to vote decked out in “Jimmy Carter in ‘76” gear and start urging people to vote for him.

11.  Wear alternating red and blue garments. For example: 1 red sock, 1 blue sock, red pants, blue shirt, red hat, blue jacket, etc… If anyone smiles at you give them a slight nod for appreciating your subtle yet ironic political humor.

12.  If things get quiet or the conversation lapses, lean out of line, look to the far corner of the room and whisper, “Here, kitty, kitty…”