10 Ways to Get Around Maryland’s New Hands-Free Driving Law

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No Texting While Driving… Hands-Free Devices Only… It’s The Law.” This creates a serious problem for many of us who conduct large amounts of business and recreational conversation while driving. We can’t be stopped. We refuse to be cut-off. We are communicators and must find ways around pesky laws like this to keep the streams of communication open and vibrant. Many people have lamented the fact that their commutes will now be insanely dull and that they will probably lose many friendships due to their sudden decline in communication. Well, fear not! Below are 10 ways that you can circumvent the no-texting-while-driving laws and keep your witty tweets and messages coming in full force.

Choose Civility Spoofs from Howard County, MD

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Ok you’ve all seen those green Choose Civility stickers on various bumpers across Howard County right? Well please enjoy this collection of my spoofs.