Toddler Gives Old Navy Dog Eye Exam

Please enjoy this picture of a toddler giving an eye exam to one of those fake plastic dogs at Old Navy.  I’m guessing the dog’s vision is not 20/20 but that he does only see in Black and White.  Or is not alive and therefore cannot see at all.  Or both.

baby gives dog eye exam at old navy

Charles Darwin’s Origin of Feces

Charles Darwin’s secret first book, “The Origin of Feces”, set the stage for his later groundbreaking research into the theory of evolution. In “The Origin of Feces” Darwin probes the mysteries of poop and seeks to answer the age-old question of how food evolves into feces. Although far less scholarly and popular, Darwin’s prototype research would inform his now famous theory of evolution and usher in a new era of research and science. See the pic here:

Charles Darwin's "The Origin of Feces"