Talent Show WINNERS!

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Congratulations to everyone who participated in the June 2010 Pumthuggee Underground Talent Show Contest! We had some great entries and amazing (and weird) talents. THIS is why the internet was invented people! We saw Michael Jackson dancing, earlobe stretching, laser eye shooting, song performance singing awesomeness and more! Our winners were:

FIRST PLACE: Seek and Destroy by KilluhSoda

SECOND PLACE: Amazing Human Tricks by goodatsfuff123123

HIGH TRAFFIC AWARD: Laser Eyes by hajahayaO

PEOPLE’S CHOICE AWARD: Billie Jean by igotmesomehorses

RUNNER UP: Revolution by 7DayWalk

Crazy Car

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Out and about with my crazy car. Photo courtesy of Strange Red Films

Tupac Baby Doll

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Found this doll at the store. Tupac isn’t dead after all… in fact, he’s reproducing.