30 New Videos in 30 Days

Hey everyone just letting you know we had a HARDCORE month of cranking out videos. Here’s a list of all the stuff the Pumthuggee Underground produced in the last 30 days:

Check them all out or check the playlists above!  Sample below:


Crowd Goes Wild For YouTube Obama Interview!

Actual screen grab from the post-State of the Union streaming Q/A time with members of the White House staff as they take questions from -omg- TWITTER!  As you can see the facial expressions ranged from asleep (or dead) to mild smirking and potentially vomiting in the background.

youtube president obama Q and A interview youtube Q and A state of the union

Talent Show CONTEST!

Do you know about the talent show contest yet?  It’s during the month of june and there are awesome prizes!  Watch this video for the details: